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Heyo guys! Pardon for rushing in after not doing even the tiniest thing over here - for those who don't know it, I'm more "postsome" over at my tumblr,
The past months I've been trying to get a perfectly ordinary job out in the real world, but that has proven to be quite the hassle and not as easy as I hoped. So I'm in need of them $dollarinos$ to pay rent and stuff.

So I'm opening up for commissions now. 
Note me if you're interested and want to discuss!

I work both digital and traditionally - if I make a traditional drawing for you, I will send it to you for free as long as the commission cost 19 USD (155 NOK) or more. You will always get a 300DPI scan of your commission as well. If you don't want your drawing shipped to you, I retain the right to sell it forward.


- I retain copyright to every artwork I produce. 
- You may use your commission for personal things, such as cropping it into icons, banners, journal skins, etc.
- You may upload the piece to any website so long as you give credit to me in the description.
- You may not sell copies of the artwork that you commissioned from me.

I'm open for pretty much anything. I can even try nsfw stuff, for an additional 30 USD (250 NOK).
I can draw your OCs, fanart or whatever, really. Of course, there are things I draw better than others, but I'm up to the challenge.


A4 Fullbody character drawing: 37$ (300 NOK) Additional character + 7$ (60 NOK)

A6 Simple and silly drawing (Fewer details. Chibis and such): 13$ (100 NOK) Additional character + 4$ (30 NOK)

I prefer not to draw backgrounds. Boxes and simple background elements are doable.
I am open for discussion if your commission request differs from the samples above.

When ordering, please fill in this form and note me:
Medium: Traditional/Digital
Paypal only, USD or NOK
I do not accept dA points.
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Still getting there. Right now I'm using a tiny slow blue laptop that's killing my patience, but I'm slowly getting a shiny new upgrade.

Translation: I'm on my way...

Now, through the past three years I've been absent here to a maximum. Chances are this has come to an end - my animation studies were eating up every trace of "spare time" I could possibly have, but now I don't really have any major distractions in my daily life. ...yet

Currently I don't have photoshop or any art software, or a machine able to run it for that matter - but as soon as I get my technological upgrade, perhaps you'll see more art from me :) Next week I'll be getting a scanner, and the upgrade will be complete. For now I've just borrowed a tiny Bamboo One, just to test if it works on my crappy laptop. Looks like I'm stuck scribblin' around in MS Paint :XD:

I'm looking forward to catch up on what's new, and perhaps getting back to become a regular here on dA.
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It's summer, and a new life awaits me now that I've finally completed my bachelor's degree in Animation. I'm going to write a little about commissions, which I'm considering starting up with - but in Norway only, for now. We'll see about that a little later. ;) On to the message...

Hei alle sammen!
Nå er det riktig lenge siden jeg har tatt meg tiden til å sjekke innom dA, og desto lenger siden jeg har hatt noe her å bidra med.

Jeg er nå ferdig i Volda og har flyttet sørover, hvor jeg skal finne meg jobb. Men i dødtiden jeg har nå, tenker jeg på om jeg skulle ha startet opp med commissions. Så i første støyten har jeg bare ett spørsmål til dere, mine landsmenn: Hadde noen av dere vært interessert i å kjøpe tradisjonelle commissions av meg?

I første omgang vil jeg fokusere på sketch og ink commissions fordi jeg ikke føler meg helt trygg på tradisjonell fargelegging enda. Papirstørrelsene jeg har tilgjengelig går fra A3 og helt ned til A7. Prisene er tenkt å rangere fra 50 kr til 300 kr. Høres dette rimelig ut? Jeg setter pris på alle som kan legge igjen sin mening om dette  i kommentarene :')

Målet mitt er å få råd til en ny datamaskin etter hvert. Foreløpig har jeg en liten laptop som så vidt takler å være på nett - når jeg gjerne skulle hatt en som går an å tegne på.

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Happy new year!
There's a team of amateur voice actors on tumblr who are doing voices for the characters of The Legend of Zelda universe -

And they wanted to voice the little Ganondorf comic I did! It's not that there's much dialogue to begin with, but I thought it was funny and wanted to share!

I wish I could continue playing around with drawing Ganondorf, but it will have to wait until I've bypassed all my main challenges for the first half of 2016 - as will all of my "free time drawing". This is definitely the year where I will get major changes in my life due to end of studies and all the sudden challenges that follow that matter. Reality is going to slap my face, and it's going to slap it damn hard, I know it.

So, er... don't expect me to be active around here. It is more likely that I post stuff on my tumblr, but not even that is guaranteed until the end of may this year. I have a marathon to run. And by that, I mean: I have an animated film to make.

Good luck to everyone! Hope 2016 will bring y'all tons of fun and good times!
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Summer is closing in to us, which I'm warmly welcoming. The past semester has been spent abroad, in Finland - of all places. I've enjoyed the stay a lot, but can't wait till I return home to Norway in just two weeks! I've had plenty of moments where I missed my fellas in Norway, which at times weren't pleasant at all. Still, I appreciate the people I've met here, and the Animation first-years whom I've spent most of the semester with are great people!

I wouldn't doubt a second that I miss home. My sudden activity here was somewhat startling for me, as I didn't intend to - and rarely had the opportunity - to spend a lot of time on the computer, drawing.

Before going to Finland, I bid my 5-year old laptop good night. It had become a slow piece of junk which I couldn't customize to my liking as it was an old school-laptop that wasn't properly taken out from the school's system, and my home university would have everything I'd need for whatever I would like to do anyway. Because of this, I'd only have computer access when at school. To be honest, it's been quite nice. A little stressful at times, when it came to urgent emails and such, and sometimes I wished that I had something I could contact friends for free with, as not everyone are privileged with having their mom pay their phone bill... And calls and texts aren't too cheap abroad.
But I've managed.

Regarding my sudden activity, I don't expect it to last - and won't try to keep up a defined level of activity or anything. I've just been very inspired by looking at nebezial's stuff and videos lately, and wanted to try out some stuff. I definitely recommend checking out his art, the guy's been producing a smackload of stuff at breathtaking pace. My painting tests are probably also a curious direction of procrastination from working on my last animation assignment for the semester... heheh... It brings memories, though. I haven't done this for years - being able to sit down and just draw for hours, until the late reminder from mr. Stomach that maybe eating would be a good idea. I wouldn't know how healthy it is in the long go, but this flow of curious inspiration surely feels good.

Naturally, I had to make myself a terrible ID.

As you might have noticed from the latest drawings, I've created a tumblr for myself. I had one already, that was dedicated to the world of Hirnagard - so I needed a different one for anything else I'd draw. It's pink and awful! Isn't that lovely?

:bademoticon: :bademoticon: 

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And so the first week of my second year at Volda university college has passed. We're making puppets for stop motion! ...yeah, totally playing kindergarden here.

I am aware, however, that my activity here hasn't been of the liveliest the past years. Stuff now and then, but not much activity. And I'm not planning to stress with that.

Though, I would like to thank every new watcher that added me trough summer - usually I thank every one individually, but as the pile of new watchers has been there for a while, I felt it rather late to go around and post thank you-comments. (They are perhaps one of the less interesting comment types anyway)

On activity matters, I'm not dead, thankfully. Summer's been long, but if you'd like to see the less important stuff I do, my blog is up and going with its weekly updates again.

And on concerns of these lands... Be patient. I will eventually do or say something interesting.

After several weeks of hard work, our school project is finally done!
This is a school project made by Luckyboy93, PotatoLynx, ziza05 and me.

The goal of this project was to learn to use Adobe AfterEffects, as it's widely used in both digital cutout-animation and post-production of film.
I've seen this movie being quite the rage all over the internet.
Okay, that's a lie.
That's what I've heard from my fellas using the internet, as I barely use the webs nowadays.

I've seen the movie myself, and I want to know what makes you all love this movie so much! Is it the story? The snowman? The songs or the scenery? 
Dive into the deep of your love for it and tell me excactly what made this movie completely melt your hearts!
Gee, worst Journal title ever!
But it's true; I have a Tumblr. Dedicated to the world of Mopia and everything related to it. What do I mean? Sketches and drawings concerning this fictional wonderverse of mine are going to end up at this so-claimed "blog".... I haven't bothered to give it a proper design, but who caaares~

This week we had an AVID course, learning to use that alien so-called proffessional video editing software.
Objective was to make a 30 sec showreel an add SFX, so animationwise, there's nothing new - and for some reason, youtube has done something to the video quality. Don't know why, but it does suck a bit. 
Can't really say that I like AVID so far, but I might befriend it further as I get more used to the software...

I'm using copyrighted music on it, so youtube might have ads on it. What do I know... 
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Last week we had a course learning TVPaint, and we got to practice lip-sync.
Since I've had more life than usual, I didn't get time to finish it properly, but I suppose I'll get to do that some other time.

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More like "Dave's four weeks of unnaturally much to do"!

We just finished the four week long course with Dave King, and it's been tons of fun! I think the HELL part mostly goes for those who don't do their work - in which I'm not included, so it was just a heavenly lot of enjoyable work to do! AND I wanted to share with you what I've done the past weeks, which I've uploaded to youtube here: Dave's four weeks of HELL - Untouched! Bear with the jazzy elevator music - the two longer clips have sound in them. Keep in mind that I got next to no time to make these animation line tests or anything here - so I'm pretty aware of mostly everything that doesn't work. ...Especially the sound design. Man, I hate looking for sound effects. And I had to learn assembling stuff in aftereffects by myself! Gee, what a school. 


Hugs and cheers!
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The showreel from my class' first four weeks i up on youtube! GO HAVE A LOOK AT HOW SWEET THEY ARE! (The music they chose for this is HORRID, but 'eh'. What can you do. Lower your speakers, I suppose.)
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Huh? What? WHA?
Remember I mentioned blog plans and threw a few ideas in the air? Well, I was kinda impatient, and really wanted to actually make a blog for my two comics. SO I DID! AND GUESS WHAT: It's gonna be in ENGLISH as well! Which means that people like YOU can read it too! Yaaaay!
Now, I haven't published anything yet, but here's the links:

Fattern & Meg - Updates Tuesdays from TOMORROW OH GOD SO COOL
The CrappiesV2 - Updates Sundays. That's less... cool.

I'm starting out from the oldest strips of both, so I'll have the time to make some buffer or whatever. But I'm really excited if I'm gonna make it, 'cause next week starts Dave's four weeks of hell which I'm looking really forward to! Except I'm unsure how much time I'll get to work on comics and blog stuff then. And ESPECIALLY carbon spills. Gee, what happened to that thing anyway? I wish it would make itself, 'cause I'm kinda occupied. Like, always. Heh, I'm not, but it's like I'm doing something all the time. It's really fun, though!
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I'm sort of planning a small revolution for my blog and webcomic activity. I'll post a norwegian entry on it tomorrow, but I'd like to throw out this suggestion/idea to you fellas too, just to hear.

The plan is to begin updating my comics and blog, as well as carbon spills, on a more regular basis. Now, Carbon spills ain't filling up by themselves, so they're not highest priority. However, I make everything in Norwegian.

First: Would it be an idea to add a translated version in all updates?
Second: I have one blog. Should each comic have it's own blog, or should I just add these updates to the one I have?

Having one blog for each regularly updating comic doesn't sound bad to me, and having different designs on them is a sweet idea. I also don't quite like the thought of spamming my blog with short comic strip entries. On the other hand, I'm not confident anyone would like to follow separate blogs...
And should I upload said comics here on dA too?

Which solution sounds best to you?
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My school don't currently have video editor software ready for use. So I couldn't mash my animation stuff in a showreel and wap it up on youtube. BUT, school had Aftereffects! Never touched it before, but I figured I could import them there, and WHADDYA KNOW, it let me export it as an SWF file! Works for me! Might take a little time to load, I don't know. So GO GO GO TAKE A LOOK AT IT, and ALSO, there's a teeny tiny model sheet of Drakir and Shin - they're not perfect, but it's a nice first try. And those sketches, uh.... we started today with some quick life drawing - which magically left me toony and all messed up for the rest of the day! I kinda liked it. But I also kinda pity Drakir and MissTaylileo's character... They're so.. so WHATingly WHATish...
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YEEHAA! Next week I'm going to Bergen for the yearly Comics festival. ARE YOU GOING? WE COULD MEET! Gosh, I'm going to meet so many people already, I'm starting to wonder how I'm going to spend time with my sister, friends from last school year, and other friends IN ONLY THREE DAYS! I'll have to work like a propel to get ajour with animation stuff if I'm to leave on Wednesday already!  GEE
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Gee man, it was just the 26th of August, and SUDDENLY it's friggin' SEPTEMBER! This week flew past me like a stormy wind only two meters thick (that's gonna blow past you pretty quick) and I've had SO MUCH FUN! We're only starting up, but we've had like 8 small projects through the week. I've posted a few of them over at my blog, but they're kinda eh - bloggervids shoulda had an automatic repeat-function. But it doesn't matter, I'll probably make a better video out of all the AWESOME stuff we've done in a few weeks. Yeehow!

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Hey peeps! Just wanted to share with you my new tutorial, which unfortunately is written in norwegian. Baaaw! But hey, it's got pictures, maybe you'll get some of it anyway?

Gosh, I am so excited about tomorrow! JUST COOL ENOUGH FOR SCHOOL YEAH
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Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that school has started! Well, sort of, actually, the school part starts next week, and this week we're just a mashed bunch of potatoes getting to know each other. We've been shown around on the campus, and I have to say that I LOVE IT TO PEAS already! I am so excited about getting started with WORKING MY FAT BOTTOM OFF THE HANDLE - the teachers spoke of something they like to call "Dave's four weeks of Hell" - which I am even more excited about! I am so curious on how hard it's gonna be, and also how I should prepare to live inside that animation class room! I'm so inspired by the bare thought of it!

Deviationwise, I am sorry that I upload stuff so rarely. On the more positive side, I AM currently working on a drawing that might see the light of day very soon. I am working on the last bits, pieces and polish-ups, and hope it'll be good. : D Perhaps even later today, you'll get to see it! I would be very happy if you would like to give it a spare minute and leave some feedback. I find it hard to translate plain favourites, so please tell me what you like, and what you think could've been different!
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