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Heyo guys! Pardon for rushing in after not doing even the tiniest thing over here - for those who don't know it, I'm more "postsome" over at my tumblr,
The past months I've been trying to get a perfectly ordinary job out in the real world, but that has proven to be quite the hassle and not as easy as I hoped. So I'm in need of them $dollarinos$ to pay rent and stuff.

So I'm opening up for commissions now. 
Note me if you're interested and want to discuss!

I work both digital and traditionally - if I make a traditional drawing for you, I will send it to you for free as long as the commission cost 19 USD (155 NOK) or more. You will always get a 300DPI scan of your commission as well. If you don't want your drawing shipped to you, I retain the right to sell it forward.


- I retain copyright to every artwork I produce. 
- You may use your commission for personal things, such as cropping it into icons, banners, journal skins, etc.
- You may upload the piece to any website so long as you give credit to me in the description.
- You may not sell copies of the artwork that you commissioned from me.

I'm open for pretty much anything. I can even try nsfw stuff, for an additional 30 USD (250 NOK).
I can draw your OCs, fanart or whatever, really. Of course, there are things I draw better than others, but I'm up to the challenge.


A4 Fullbody character drawing: 37$ (300 NOK) Additional character + 7$ (60 NOK)

A6 Simple and silly drawing (Fewer details. Chibis and such): 13$ (100 NOK) Additional character + 4$ (30 NOK)

I prefer not to draw backgrounds. Boxes and simple background elements are doable.
I am open for discussion if your commission request differs from the samples above.

When ordering, please fill in this form and note me:
Medium: Traditional/Digital
Paypal only, USD or NOK
I do not accept dA points.
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October 19, 2016


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